EA FC 24 Release Date: A Replacement Of FIFA 24, Released Dates OF Standard & Ultimate Edition

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ea fc 24 Release date

The contract between FIFA and EA Sports was ended in 2023. The name of the new version of FIFA Mobile 24 was changed to FC 24 by EA Sports. Officially, EA FC 24 Release Date was September 29, 2023 which is also known as FIFA 24 Release date with a new name as, “EA Sports FC 24”.

The partnership of almost 30 years between FIFA and EA Sports was ended in 2023. In 2022, EA Sports decided not to continue the partnership, and they also decided that they would not use the name FIFA as the game’s prime name.

This breakage of the partnership caused so much confusion in the minds of Soccer game lovers, who were waiting for the FIFA 24 game releasing date. EA Sports FC 24 released and came onto the screen in September 2023 and thrilled the users with amazing new features.

FIFA Mobile 24 vs EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports followed its footsteps of providing new features in each version and gave improved visuals and gameplay in EA FC 24. It was like a regular yearly version update of the FIFA game. The EA FC 24 release date were announced in the starting of 2023.

Apart from the name and branding, EA Sports FC 24 claims it is a regular yearly update as all the team developers behind the 30-year success of FIFA mobile are the same.

EA Sports claimed that, like its old versions, the new FC 24 will provide a great gaming experience to the users. All the famous modes, clubs, and tournaments athletes will be there with improvements in many features to enhance the user experience.

EA FC 24 Release Date & Early Release

EA Sports confirmed in the early days of 2023 that the latest version, named FC 24, will get released on Friday 29, September 2023. It was also confirmed that the players will also get leverage to play the new game a week before its official EA FC 24 release date on Friday, September 22.

EA Sports provided versions for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X or S, Android, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Gameplay of FC 24

The first-ever FC 24 provided 7-minute gameplay of head-to-head matches with the latest technologies like HypermotionV and Frostbite engines with various Play Styles, before its official release.

FC 24 Trailer

EA sport’s released trailer highlighted many new animations and skill moves added in FC 24 which was FIFA Mobile before that. Hyper motion V helps EA Sports to upgrade these animations, and EA Sports has shown before the EA FC 24 release date how improved this latest FC 24 version is going to be.

New Features in FC 24

FC 24 wanted to retain its real players like authenticity as it resembles the real tournaments, Clubs, leagues, and so on. Even in FC 2024, EA Sports also added up the five biggest women’s leagues and also adding more clubs from UEFA Women’s Champion League. That is why the users waited for EA FC 24 release date passionately.

Women’s teams and competition

EA Sports added female players to the Ultimate team. It happened for the first time ever in the history of FIFA game for mobile. Now, Users are able to build a dream team of Football superstars from both women’s and men’s games. It is the same as the men’s feature of the game FC 24, which is bringing Women icons and Heroes into the game.

FC 24 Evolution Mechanism

A new mechanism named FC 24 Evolution was also introduced that will help the players improve their stats and playstyles. Ratings and card design of players.

To improve these, you need to choose players fitting the FC 14 Evolution criteria and attain the objectives through some game rewards and cards. 

FC 24 Ultimate Team

There is a new look of ultimate team cards that was introduced in the game with this new version of FIFA Mobile 24. On the basis of OVR Rating EA Sports has included all best players and categorized them as per their position and role in the team. These players perform as per their role in the team and this role can be different in each formation. There are 29 Best FC Mobile Formations provided by EA Sports and each opens at a specific level same as it was in the previous version formations like best FIF Mobile formations.

For example a player considers as best overall player but in one formation it plays as center midfielder while in other it plays as right midfielder which means that their position can be change but in specific areas. Best attacker will remain at front, best midfielders will remain at center, best defenders will remain at defending position and the best goalkeeper available in the players will perform the duty of goalkeeping.

19000 Plus players in FC 24

FC 24 contains a list of 19,000+ players that a user can add to its team. You can now play with football’s biggest starts. There are all best players including best attackers, best defenders, best goalkeepers, and best midfielders.

700+ Clubs in FC 24

700+ clubs are also there to increase the toughness of the game so that users can enjoy the condition of the game.

30+ Leagues in FC 24

If you love football, then definitely you love the football leagues that always provide a new height to the competition of scoring in football. FC 24 game has 30+ Leagues for you where you can participate.

All the famous leagues like Laliga, UEFA Champions League, EFL, series A, Bundesliga, and many more are added in this addition. 

FC 24 also included leagues for women, like UEAF Women’s Champion League and Barclays Women’s Super League, so that all the female football fans can play this game with the feeling that they are playing a real match. 

100+ Stadiums in FC 24

An athlete loves the ground. Every player loves to cheer in their home ground. FC 24 has included 100+ grounds so that players all around the world can see the sceneries of different soccer-playing nations on the ground.  

FC Mobile Soccer game


The EA FC 24 release date was September 29, 2023, which was previously known as FIFA Mobile, so the FIFA 24 release date was September 29, 2023. EA Sports also offered pre-launch access to players, which was started on September 22, 2023. EA Sports offered many new features and added many new players, clubs, football leagues, and grounds in this new version.

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FAQ Related to EA Sports FC 24

EA FC 24 release date was September 24, 2023 on Friday. EA Sports also offered an Ultimate edition pre-order option, which means that those who booked pre-orders can have access to FC 24 a week on September 22, 2023. 

The 30-year partnership was ended between FIFA and EA Sports. In 2022, they couldn’t agree to renew their partnership, so EA Sports rebranded its game and launched a new version with the name FC 24.

The newly launched FC 24 is actually FIFA 24 and a continuity of the FIFA Mobile game with new features, and it is the latest version of FIFA Mobile. The most important thing is that FC 24 has introduced an Ultimate team with both men’s and women’s players to play alongside each other.

Due to the end of the partnership between FIFA and EA Sports, the game FIFA Mobile is now rebranded with the name FC 24. It is the continuity of a recent update that happened in 2022 with the name of FIFA Mobile 23 or FIFA 23.

Yes, there will not be any new addition to the name of the FIFA Mobile game, but from onwards its name is going to be FC 24.

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