FIFA Mobile VS eFootball: The Ultimate Showdown

In the world of mobile gaming, football enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with the release of FIFA Mobile 2023 and Konami’s eFootball. Both the games are different from each other in many aspects yet both are providing captivating and mesmerizing football experiences. Let’s have a detailed comparison of FIFA 24 and eFootball that will help you to choose best one for your gaming preferences.

App NameFIFA Mobile Mod Apk 2023
Compatible With5.0 and above
Latest Versionv20.1.03
Size139 MB
Mod InfoUnlimited Money, Points and Coins
UpdatedMarch 2024
FIFA Mobile VS eFootball

Graphics and Visual Realism

FeatureFIFA Mobile 2023Other Football Games
Visual RealismStunning, with lifelike player models and stadiumsVaries, often falling short of FIFA’s graphics
Animation QualitySmooth and fluid animations offer a true-to-life feelAnimation quality is often inferior to FIFA
StadiumsOfficially licensed stadiums enhance the immersionLimited official licensing for stadiums
Player FacesHigh-quality player faces for top-tier playersInconsistent player face quality in other games

Gameplay and Controls of the Game: FIFA Mobile vs efootball

FIFA Mobile 2023

  • Offers a mix of arcade and simulation gameplay.
  • Easy to learn touch controls.
  • Features various game modes, including Campaign, VS Attack, and Events.


  • Emphasizes realistic gameplay.
  • Controls are more complex, aiming for simulation.
  • Focuses on 1v1 matches and online PvP.


It depends on your preference; FIFA for casual gaming, eFootball for simulation.

Player, Team and League Licensing: FIFA Mobile vs efootball

FIFA Mobile 2023

  • Boasts official licenses for thousands of players, leagues, and teams.
  • Features the UEFA Champions League and other prestigious competitions.


  • Has licensing agreements with several clubs but lacks comprehensive licensing.
  • Offers regular updates and partnerships with clubs.


FIFA Mobile 2023 dominates in licensing and team variety.


4.6 average based on 8950 reviews

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In-App Purchases for Upgradation: FIFA Mobile vs efootball

FIFA Mobile 2023

  • Offers in-app purchases for player packs and in-game currency.
  • Can be played without spending, but purchases speed up progress. Even in FC Mobile 24 latest version you can enjoy game without in app purchases.


  • Emphasizes a “play for free” model with microtransactions.
  • In-app purchases primarily revolve around cosmetic items.


eFootball is friendlier for players who prefer minimal spending.


In the FIFA Mobile 2023 vs. eFootball showdown, your choice depends on your priorities. If you prioritize realism, licenses, and stunning graphics, FIFA Mobile 2023 is the winner. On the other hand, if you seek a more realistic football simulation and don’t mind a bit less licensing, eFootball is worth a try. Both the games provide exciting experiences for football mobile gamers.

FIFA Mobile is taking an advantage on eFootball due to many reasons in head to head comparison of FIFA Mobile vs eFootball. It provides better visual and graphic results than eFootball. In term of features like control, in-app purchases and inclusion of new clubs and players that exist in real life. If a football lover needs to make a decision between FIFA Mobile 23 and eFootball then undoubtedly FIFA Mobile 23 is first choice.

Popular questions


Yes, both FIFA Mobile 2023 and eFootball allow you to build and manage your team.

Yes, FIFA 2023 is free to download and play.

Yes, an internet connection is necessary to play both FIFA Mobile 2023 and eFootball.

FIFA Mobile 2023 offers superior graphics and realism compared to eFootball.

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