EA Sports FC 24 VS FIFA Mobile 2023 & Other Versions: The Evolution Of FIFA Mobile Football Gaming TO EA FC 24

A Comparison between EA FC VS FIFA Mobile is currently talk of the town. FIFA Mobile is ruling the world of Football game from a long time. Each of its version was most awaited update of its time. After 2000, EA Sports and FIFA collaboratively introduced FIFA Mobile game and each year they upgrade this game with more options and advanced features. Each version became successful more than the older ones.

EA Sports FC 24 is the last update that was collaboratively introduced by EA Sports and FIFA Mobile 23 was the last update owned by FIFA and EA Sports collaboratively. In 2022 they both decided not to stay bound to the agreement and departed their ways. Now new update of FIFA 23 will come with the name of EA Sports FC 2024, with the sole proprietorship of Electronics Arts Sports (EAS).

EA Sports FC Mobile Mod APK

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Comparison between EA Sports FC Mobile 24 and FIFA Mobile 23

EA Sports FC Mobile 24 is the continuation of we established game FIFA Mobile. The actual difference is the name branding that shifts from FIFA Mobile to FC Mobile due to the end of collaboration between FIFA and EA Sports. Both games has same game engine so the game play experience is also quite similar. Apart from it both games follow similar kind of monetization methods that are in-app purchases.

A Comparison Table of EA FC 24 Mobile and FIFA Mobile 23 : EA FC VS FIFA Mobile

FeatureFC Mobile (2024)FIFA Mobile (2023)
DeveloperEA SportsEA Sports & FIFA
Release DateOctober 2023November 2022
LicensingNo official FIFA licenseOfficial FIFA license (until 2023)
ContentIndividual league, player, and stadium licensesExtensive official FIFA branding, leagues, players, and stadiums
Gameplay FeaturesSimilar to FIFA Mobile 23, with potential future updatesFeatures from FIFA Mobile 23 will not be directly transferred to FC Mobile
PlatformAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS
CostFree-to-play with in-app purchasesFree-to-play with in-app purchases
Community FeaturesPotentially new features like tournaments or eventsExisting community features like leagues and leaderboards

FIFA Mobile 23 VS Old Versions

FIFA Mobile took to many steps and covers a long distance with 24 upgradations, each one each year, in the world of mobile Football games. Over the years, FIFA Mobile has undergone significant transformations, each version building upon the last with new FIFA Mobile specification requirements. EA Sports always cared about the users and always tried to offer FIFA Mobile android and FIFA Mobile for IOS. FIFA 23, FIFA 22, FIFA 21, FIFA 20 and FIFA 19 are compared in bellow mentioned table.

App NameFIFA Mobile Mod Apk 2023
Compatible With5.0 and above
Latest Versionv20.1.03
Size139 MB
Mod InfoUnlimited Money, Points and Coins
UpdatedMarch 2024
FeatureFIFA Mobile 2023FIFA Mobile 22FIFA Mobile 21FIFA Mobile 20FIFA Mobile 19
Visual RealismStunning, lifelike graphics and animationsImproved graphicsVisual improvementsGraphics enhancementsGraphics enhancements
Gameplay and ControlsIntuitive touch controls, accessible gameplayEnhanced controlsRefined gameplayEnhanced gameplayEnhanced gameplay
Licensing and TeamsComprehensive licensing, thousands of real-world playersExpansive licensingLicensing improvementsLicensing improvementsLicensing improvements
In-App PurchasesBalanced in-game economyIn-game purchasesIn-game purchasesIn-game purchasesIn-game purchases
Download LinkDownload FIFA Mobile 22Download FIFA Mobile 21Download FIFA Mobile 20Download FIFA Mobile 19Download FIFA Mobile 18

EA FC 24 Takes the Real Lead

Graphics and Real like features

EA Sports FC 24 sets a new benchmark for visual realism in mobile football gaming. It has advanced graphics and added real player models in the game and attract all football lovers to feel the actual enthusiasm of being a football lover with smooth animation that make them to feel matches like real life matches. EA Sports FC 24’s officially licensed stadiums enhance the immersion, providing an unparalleled visual experience.

As we look back at the older versions of FIFA Mobile, each one has brought notable improvements in graphics. However, EA Sports FC 24 raises the bar significantly, outshining its predecessors with its visual brilliance.

Gameplay and Controls

EA Sports FC 24 offers a gaming experience that is accessible to everyone. It’s easy and smooth controls makes it easy to adopt by both newcomers and expert players. FIFA Mobile offers Smooth gameplay and easy control that helps the players to perform and enjoy advanced football skills like dribbling, shooting, passing and headers. EA Sports FC 24 caters to diverse playing styles with various game modes, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience.

The older versions of FIFA Mobile introduced enhancements in controls and gameplay with each iteration. While they remain enjoyable, EA Sports FC 24 takes the user-friendliness to the next level, offering a balanced blend of accessibility and depth.

Licensing and Teams: FIFA’s Expansive Football Universe

The most important and standout feature of EA Sports FC 24 is that it continuous the legacy of FIFA Mobile 2023 and also has the Licensing of all important leagues, clubs and players. Licensing allows the players to choose their favorite team and players and it makes it more advanced version. The most famous licensing inclusion is UEAF and LALIGA that increases the popularity of EA Sports FC 24. The inclusion of best goal keepers of the world, best attackers and best midfielders raised the standard of the game.

The older versions of FIFA Mobile have also seen significant improvements in licensing, with each edition expanding its roster of licensed clubs and players. However, EA Sports FC 24 emerges as the leader with its extensive coverage, offering a complete football experience.

FIFA In-App Purchases: FIFA’s Fair Play

In-app purchases are a common aspect of mobile gaming, and same like FIFA Mobile 2023, EA FC 24 Mobile game handles them with fairness and balance. In-app purchases allow the players to buy more player pack and upgrade their player’s skills and level. Importantly, FC Mobile 24 can be enjoyed without excessive spending, as in-game purchases primarily accelerate progress rather than creating a “pay-to-win” environment.

The older versions of FIFA Mobile owned by FIFA and EA Sports also incorporate in-game purchases. While they provide opportunities for customization and progression, EA Sports FC 24’s approach to in-app purchases stands out as more balanced, ensuring that players who prefer minimal spending can still enjoy a rewarding gaming experience.


4.6 average based on 8950 reviews

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EA FC Mobile 24 not only takes the crown as the latest and most advanced edition of previously known FIFA Mobile editions but also raises the bar for mobile football gaming. It’s stunning Visuals, graphics, gameplay, licensing and easy controls makes it the ultimate choice for football lovers. However, for those who wish to relive the nostalgia of earlier versions, the older editions remain accessible and enjoyable.

Choose EA Sports FC 24 Mobile game and experience the pinnacle of mobile football gaming. Download it today, step onto the virtual pitch, and immerse yourself in the beautiful game like never before!

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FAQ Related to EA FC 24, FIFA 23 & Old Versions

Yes, you can download the older versions of FIFA Mobile using the provided download links in the comparison table above.

Yes, EA FC Mobile 24 introduces notable improvements in graphics, gameplay, licensing, and in-app purchases, making it the most advanced and immersive FIFA Mobile edition to date.

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